Adventure Awaits in the Azores – A Stay on Terceira Island

Sailing terceira island azores

Taking a Chance on the Azores

The Azores is an archipelago of nine volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic Island. I didn’t even know that much when I booked an eight day trip to this magical destination. Having stumbled upon a great vacation deal to Terceira Island (thanks Travelzoo!), I decided to take a chance. Man, am I ever glad that I did. The Azores, specifically Terciera Island, did not disappoint.

View of Mount Brasil, Terceira Island, Azores
A Room With a View at Hotel do Caracol

After checking in to the Hotel do Caracol my hubby (the reluctant traveler) and I headed to the capitol city of Angra de Heroisomo. Angra is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. There we discovered fascinating history, colorful buildings, cobblestone streets, and one of the most picturesque bays I’ve seen.

boats in bay at Angro do heroismo, terceira island azores
The Bay at Angra do Heroismo

A Drive To the North Side

The whole of Terceira Island is only 153 square miles. Renting a car we set off to explore other areas of the island. Leaving the Angra do Heroismo area introduced us to the coastal cliffs that line the rest of the island and make for jaw-dropping views. Driving on to the north side we discovered Biscoitos and the natural swimming pools that the area is known for. We visited in late May before the main tourist season, so we had these amazing pools to ourselves.

stairway at natural pools
Stairs Up to a Vantage Point
View form above natural pools, biscotto
Above the Natural Pools

A Canyoning Adventure in the Azores

The search for adventure led us to the seaside village of Praia da Vitoria to try canyoning. We met our guides from Rope Adventures for what turned out to be a private tour. Traveling a little before high season definitely has its advantages.

Donning wetsuits, helmets, and boots (all provided by the tour company) we enter a park to find ourselves at a beautiful stream lined canyon. Jumping in, literally, we begin our adventure. Finding our footing amongst the rocks, we start our descent down the canyon. Hiking through the stream and rappelling down waterfalls we eventually find the end of the trail. This may be outside of your comfort zone (jumping was actually the scariest for me), but seriously, just do it. You won’t be sorry. These guys are pros.

woman rappelling down a waterfall, terceira island, azores
Rapelling Down a Waterfall
man and woman walking through water filed canyon, terceira island, azores
Hiking, Sliding, and Jumping

Caving In the Azores

Algar do Carvao is a volcanic vent in the center of the island. Before entering the main entrance to the cave, take the time to walk the trail off of the parking lot and see the steam coming up from the earth. Once inside, walk through a lighted manmade tunnel (it’s a little creepy), open the door and step into a massive, open tube. An amazing sight, hard to capture in a photograph. You’ll see the hubs in the second photo for a little scale.

Hallway to Algar do Carvao Cave, Terceira Island, Azores
Hallway to the cave
Man on Stairs Algar do Carvao Cave, Terceira Island, Azores
A Little Perspective
Cave vent opening, ALgar do Carvao, trekker island, azores
Vent Opening

A smaller cave , Gruta do Natal, which translates to the Christmas Cave, is nearby. Take the time to go over and walk through a lava tube. Helmets required for this one.

Hiking Terceira Island Azores

Five main hiking trails await, each rated for difficulty. Pick up a map at any of the tourism offices. Monte Brasil is the highest peak on the island, so naturally that’s the trek we chose. Clocking in at about 673 feet above sea level, it’s not quite as impressive as it sounds. The trail does offer an amazing view of the bay, as well as other interesting features. You’ll pass through a fort, a whale watching hut, even a bird sanctuary and petting zoo!

View of Anrga do Heroismo from Monte basil, terceira island, azores
View from Monte Brasil

Sailing in Angra do Heroismo Bay

A highlight of the trip was a yacht tour with SailTours in Agra Marina. I’m told the tour is dependent on the weather when I call to book. The phone rings the next morning and it’s the captain, Alexander. The winds are strong and that won’t make for a gentle ride, perhaps a bit more spirited than we’d like. I quickly assure him that we’re fairly experienced and the strong wind won’t be a problem.

Captain Alexander and Sara meet us at the marina on what turns out to be a gorgeous afternoon. They share so much local information and even let us take turns sailing the ship. We cruise through two huge rocks with small caves around the base that you can swim in in warmer weather. They tell us that these rocks were originally  one large mass but split in half during a violent volcanic eruption.

Large Rock Split into two. trekker island, azores
The Rock We Sailed Through

A Bullfight In the Streets

La Tourada a’ Corda which translates roughly to “bullfight by rope” is one of the more unique experiences you will have in the Azores. Bullfights take place in the late afternoon in different neighborhoods around the island in the months of May through October. It’s a party atmosphere with street vendors, food, music, and more. The bulls, on ropes held by pastores to ensure the safety of the crowds as well as the bulls, are led onto the street where they are let loose (albeit still attached to the rope). Wannabe bullfighters can run with the bulls wielding capes and umbrellas. Spectators stay safe behind fences and makeshift barricades, on porches and verandas, sometimes even up in trees. Very few tourists, a really authentic and amazing evening with the people of Terceira.

Sign advertising bullfight terceira island azores
Neighborhood Sign

Adeus Azores – Until We Meet Again

As you can see, adventure abounds on Terceira Island in the Azores. I had a great time! Even the Reluctant Traveler gave it two thumbs up. Stay tuned for upcoming posts about the museums, great dining, and more. Can’t wait to share more about this amazing destination with you.

I hope that this has inspired you to consider the Azores as a destination in your travels. Air routes have opened up from Boston recently making it much easier to get to from the United States. Prices there were very reasonable and the locals are warm, friendly, and eager to share the stories of their beautiful home.

Maybe this will also inspire you to take a chance on a destination that you may not know much about. That kind of adventure can be the best kind of adventure.

Well played Travel Zoo, well played.

View of bay at trekker island azores
Kicking Back Enjoying the View