Havasupai: Hiking to Paradise

Havasu Falls in Havasupai, Arizona

You’ve probably seen photographs floating around the internet of incredible blue-green waterfalls crashing over high cliffs against the colorful backdrop of the Grand Canyon. You might assume the pictures are enhanced. Nothing could be that color. But it can, and it is at Havasupai. On an earlier trip to trek to Phantom Ranch in the […]

A Day Trip to Dayspring Dairy

Did you know that Alabama’s first and only licensed sheep dairy and producer of sheep milk cheeses is located in Etowah County? I didn’t either until recently. I was able to visit this family-owned farm operated by the Kelly family and had an incredible time. Read on to find out about my trip. Upon arrival, […]

Tami Takes A Dive

No, I didn’t fall or throw a boxing match….I went SCUBA diving, and I did so right here in the Greater Gadsden area. Glencoe to be precise. If you’re a long-time resident you may know it as the Blue Hole, but it’s now Dive Land Park a safe, clear-water park with something for all skill […]