7 Reasons to Hit the Trail in 2019

Hiking is a great workout.

We all know hiking is a great cardio workout, but it also builds strength, improves balance and offers a killer core workout due to uneven terrain.

You’ll get a significant calorie burn, anywhere from 400 to 700 an hour depending on your size and the difficulty of the trek.

Hiking relieves stress.

All physical activity helps to reduce stress and anxiety, but there’s something about being outdoors in nature that elevates those benefits. Bonus: You’ll sleep like a baby.

Hiking is free.

All you need is a decent pair of shoes, a trail map, and a sense of adventure. That’s it. That’s enough to start. I bet there is a trail, or path within 20 miles of you right now.

Hiking is easy.

Do you remember the scene in Sex in the City with David Duchovny and SJP? She tells him she doesn’t hike. His reply? It’s just walking.

Yep. It’s just walking. One foot in front of the other. Zero learning curve to begin.

You are meant to be outside.

It’s true. We are meant to be outside, to explore. It’s ingrained in our DNA. Ditch the devices and head outdoors.

Hiking is customizable.

One mile or 10 miles. Group hike or solo. Easy or challenging. Urban hike or mountaineering. It all works, it’s all good: your hike, your rules.

Hiking adds an excellent component to travel.

This may be my favorite. When I decided to hike once a week for a year I sought out new trails to try, especially when traveling. By doing this, I experienced great beauty and met fascinating people that I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t taken to the trails.

What are you waiting for? Google “trails near me,” lace up those boots, fill your water bottle, and hit the trails!

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See you on the trails.







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